About Us

Riva GmbH Holding, the parent company of RIVA Middle East LLC, has been established more than half a century ago in Germany.

RIVA was initially intended to focus on offering plans and construction solutions in façade technology to various clients. Then a challenging request from Saudi Arabia outlined a decisive turning point: thanks to the vast experience and expertise of RIVA in its area, Saudi Arabia asked for a collaboration in building the “Clock Tower” in Mecca.

A very close cooperation has evolved from this project, and now nearly all of RIVA’s efforts are bundled in projects in the Middle East. Currently the most comprehensive and versatile venture of RIVA is the expansion of The Holy Mosque in Mecca, the most important sanctuary of the Islamic World.

The rising amount of needed metal works has deemed it necessary to expand and establish a mega fully fledged manufacturing complex. This momentous decision that was taken in 2012 has changed the nature of the company fundamentally.

RIVA is now a long-standing, leading company in façade engineering and building services. Its array of products encompasses a wide range of individualized façade constructions.

RIVA’s premise is to align functionality, cost effectiveness, and esthetics, resulting in a highly effective unit. It stands for individualized, tailor-made façade constructions and resource-conscious technical building facilities.

Riva GmbH Holding is also the holding company of several other enterprises including RIVA Lighting, RIVA Batteries, Kroll, Soehnle, Lights and Alder among others.