National Bank of Bahrain, Manama

National Bank of Bahrain, Manama

With the glazing system of the Headquarters of the National Bank of Bahrain, Riva GmbH Holding shows its potential to provide hyper-modern facades to skylines of the Gulf area.

The concaved glass facade at the base of the building and the concaved and slightly outward bended glass facade of the main curtain walling of the 101-meter-high skyscraper consists of external front of slabs installed continuously via a tailor-made mullion and rail system.

The complete glazed spandrel panels are hooked in from the outside between the aluminum mullions.

The vision glass is fixed from the outside between the mullions with internal fixed stainless steel spider fittings.

The vision glass was designed and executed with stainless steel inlets to accommodate the connection bolts of the spider fittings.

The installation has been executed without any external scaffolding or gondola systems.